Staying Power: Age-Proof Your Home for Comfort, Safety and Style


Paperback - January 7, 2013 by Rachel Adelson

M.A. $14.76 Staying Power: Age-Proof Your Home for Comfort, Safety and Style empowers aging adults to make their homes safer, more comfortable and livable, by themselves or with help from friends, family members and professionals. It's "sensible, useful, comprehensive and engagingly written," says Paula Span of The New York Times. Make sure falls, fires and more don't cut short an enjoyable time of independent living. This practical, problem-solving guide offers expert, easy-to-follow age-proofing instructions. The author, an award-wining health writer, takes readers by the hand to help them easily customize furnishings, layout and decor without breaking the back or the budget. Learn how to communicate about this touchy topic, size up situations and plan ahead, and locate helpful resources (US and Canada). Whether you're planning ahead, ready to act, or helping someone else, learn about the changes of normal aging -- and how to make any type of house, apartment or condo a safer, more supportive home for years to come. With handy checklists and shopping lists to kick-start age-proofing projects. Addresses mind-and-body fitness to help people stay strong enough for independence. The author is herself a baby boomer who puts friction tape on the stairs.


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