Personal Health Journal: Record Your Medical Information


Paperback ‰ÛÒ October 12, 2011 by Holmes Family (Author).

Use this health journal to keep organized, accurate records to assist your doctor. Record the doctor appointments, health notes (including: pain, symptoms, treatments, sleep habits, daily exercise, meals) medications, surgeries, and other important health records. Discover health patterns, track health progress and assist your doctor in diagnosing disease. There are pages to record ailments, general health notes, medications, surgeries, vaccinations, emergency room visits, information to assist other caretakers (such as insurance information and current medications), list of current doctors, and more. Use the notebook to keep records of doctor appointments. Special pages allow you to record the date of the appointment, the doctor, the doctor's phone number, the reason you were there, the doctor's diagnosis, suggested treatment(s) and any prescribed medication(s). åÊ


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