Installation Help

Important things to know before you install your grab bar:

  • Avoid mounting grab bars on acrylic tub and showers that stand out from the drywall underneath. These walls are too flexible, can bend and lead to instability for the user.
  • Tile appears fragile, but it will seem impossible to penetrate to standard twist drill bits, which will eventually crack the tile. Instead, try using a 1/4-in glass / tile drill bit for mounting your grab bars over studs or a 1/2-in glass/tile drill bit for installations using special wall anchors. (Odds are you’ll need both.)
  • If grip strength is an issue, choose a smaller diameter of grab bar. Then decide whether your bars finish should be a glossy piece or if it needs to be textured for better grip by wet hands. What is the difference between grips? Click here to read our guide to grips
  • Some grab bars are specifically made to mount vertically, horizontally, and some can be used in either position. To be safe, check the package to be sure the model you want works in the position you're going to be using it in.