Frequently Asked Questions About Grab Bars

If you are uncomfortable with any steps of this installation have a professional complete it. Just like all safety products, they work best and are only 100% safe if installed correctly. 

Q: What does “ADA” compliant mean?

A: To be ADA compliant means that you are following minimum requirements for newly designed and constructed or altered State and local government facilities, public accommodations, and commercial facilities to be readily accessible to and usable by individuals with disabilities.

For a complete list of ADA policies and guidelines, visit www.ADA.gov.

Q: Can towel bars be used as safety grab bars? 

A: NO! Traditional towel bars are not designed to support a persons weight or grip. Although some grab bars can be used as towel bars, towel bars should never be used as grab bars.

Q: Is there a difference between types of grips on grab bars? 

A: Yes. For a complete guide to grips check out our blog on grab bar grips in our installation help blog. It explains that there are a variety of different grab bar and other fall prevention device grips. 

Q: Where should I hang my grab bar?

A: The most popular rooms with grab bars are the bathroom and the bedroom. Whether you hang your grab bar vertically or horizontally will depend on what your specific need is. Read our article on grab bar locations for help with where you should hang your grab bar.

Please Note: The American with Disabilities Act provides accessibility standards for the design, construction and alteration of commercial facilities and public accommodations. The standards require properly designed and installed grab bars in bathroom areas of such buildings. If properly installed, these products will comply with the ADA's accessibility standards.

Q: What height should I install my grab bar?

*The specific heights listed below come directly from the ADA's accessibility standards. To view any additional standards required, follow the links included. Keep in mind that your jurisdiction could require additional requirements.

ADA Compliant Grab Bar Heights:

Shower Stalls- The number of grab bars needed depends on the shower stall size. Either 2 or 3 grab bars are required, 33” – 36” from the floor of the shower stall. (ADA Section 4.21).

Bath Tubs- 3 is the magic number. 2 grab bars on the back wall (one 9” above the rim of the tub, the other 33” -36” above the finished floor) and one at the head of the tub. (ADA Section 4.20)

Toilets not in a Stall- 33”-36” off of the finished floor (ADA Section 4.16)

Toilets inside a Stall- 33”- 36” off of the finished floor (ADA Section 4.17

Q: How can I find someone to help me install my grab bar correctly?

A: It is important to find a contractor or builder who understands all of the ADA guidelines outlined above. A simple way to be sure of this is by looking for contractors who are CAPS (Certified Aging In Place) certified. This designation is given by the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) and earned by qualified contractors and businesses who have taken courses in how to safely provide aging in place services such as grab bar installations.

You can find a list of CAPS certified homebuilders and contractors here on our Grab Bar Installation Expert Locator.

Q: How does Safety In Place's order process work? 

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Q: What is your return policy? 

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