Tai Cheng = Improved Balance + Increased Flexibility

by Bruce Montgomery Ph.D. January 30, 2017

Tai Cheng = Improved Balance + Increased Flexibility


It is the end of January and studies suggest that about 80% of us have already quit our New Year’s resolutions or will do so soon.

I find that my best resolutions are enhancements of my current activities. In previous blogs, I mentioned losing weight (which I am glad to say I continue to maintain) and exercising. I exercise by hiking, biking, snowshoeing, kayaking and using a TRX suspension trainer and a rowing machine.

Even with these activities, I still feel that I am missing something – especially in the winter when there are fewer activities available. I feel like my body could be better toned, my balance could be improved and I could have greater flexibility. I also have some stiffness and joint pain.

To enhance my exercise activities I am investigating Tai Cheng.

I find this program relevant to our mission at Safety In Place as it proposes to reduce the risks of falling by building balance, strength and flexibility.

Tai Cheng was developed by Dr. Mark Cheng, a tai chi master and Doctor of Sports Medicine. Tai Cheng is promoted as an easy-to-learn system that features the gentle, low-impact movements of tai chi

The package of Tai-Cheng products includes:

  • Four Workout DVDS that teach the 18 "essential movements" of tai chi, so you can improve balance and mobility, help relieve aches and pains, and help reduce your risk of falls and other injuries. Dr. Cheng uses a special foot-placement grid and shows you each move from 3 angles, so you always get great visual cues. There's always a modified version of every move, so no matter what your age or fitness level, you can be sure to follow along.
  • Easy does it Guidebook tells you everything you need to know about the program. It's an information-packed resource that you can turn to again and again for information on the healing powers of Tai Cheng.
  • Tai Cheng wall calendar shows you which routine to do each day so there's no confusion or guesswork. It will feel great to track how much strength and confidence you gain with every passing day!
  • Feel better food plan is packed with delicious meal and snack recipes, specially designed to fit with the Tai Cheng workouts. This easy-to-follow plan promotes healthy weight loss—and that will make your body feel even better!
  • Quick relief foam roller to help gently release kinks and knots in your muscles and joints. You'll love using the foam roller—it's like getting a massage without leaving your living room.

The current package on the Tai-Cheng website costs $60 (plus $12.95 shipping and handling and taxes) and includes the above items plus four bonus gifts:

  • Tai Cheng for Travel A 10-minute stress-relieving routine to relax tight muscles and unwind body tension after a long flight or car trip.
  • Tai Cheng for Sport A 10-minute routine for use after any strenuous activity. For golfers,
    it's specially designed to help you keep playing the game you love for decades.
  • Strength-Training Resistance Band This Bonus Gift is a safe, gentle way to help you build your strength even faster.
  • FREE 24/7 Online Support A team of fitness experts and coaches will answer your questions and help you reach your goals.

Frankly, for $60 (plus $12.95 shipping) this package sounds great. I just ordered mine and will report back in a few months on my impressions. It sounds like this program will benefit our senior friends who are looking to reduce their risks of falling.

Let us know if you have tried Tai-Cheng! We would welcome your feedback on how the program has worked for you.

 A Couple of Notes

  1. The reviews that I saw on the Beachbody and Amazon websites about the Tai Cheng DVDs were generally positive about the results of the exercise programs.
  2. I also saw quite a few negative reviews about the commercials to sell other products that were part of the Tai-Cheng DVDs. I also found that you must decline multiple “offers to buy additional products” while you try to check out on the Beachbody website. While I find this unappealing, I will reserve judgment on the DVDs until I have used them for a while. When there are lulls in exercise videos (because of advertisements or breaks that are too long for me), I usually fill those with planks or glute bridges.

Bruce Montgomery Ph.D.
Bruce Montgomery Ph.D.


Dr. Bruce Montgomery is a licensed building contractor in Michigan and Florida. He is a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist as designated by the National Association of Home Builders. He has also achieved an Executive Certificate in Home Modification from the University of Southern California. He has a wide ranging educational background, including a Master of Science degree in Entomology, with a Master of Science degree in Forestry and a Ph.D. in educational administration.