Advantages of Buying Ponte Giulio Grab Bars

by Allie Brito June 22, 2016

Advantages of Buying Ponte Giulio Grab Bars

At Safety in Place, we want to ensure that you – our customers – are provided with the highest quality service, information and products when it comes to fall prevention and home safety for seniors and others. In terms of grab bars, we chose to offer you products from Ponte Giulio. Some of the factors that attracted us to Ponte Giulio grab bars included the following:

  • Stylish and non-institutional appearance
  • Many beautiful colors and finishes that are soft and warm to the touch
  • Dedication to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes
  • Anti-microbial and non-slip surfaces that are easy to clean
  • Solid, well-constructed ADA compliant grab bars with a lifetime guarantee

Ponte Giulio provides a stylish grab bar that will enhance the look and feel of your bathroom.

Here is what Ponte Giulio has to say about the benefits of using its colored and coated safety products:

Superior non-slip surface. One misconception is that a knurled surface provides the best grip. For knurling to work effectively you have to have a strong enough grip for the skin on your hand to press into the valleys of the knurling. The clients that are most apt to need a grab bar may not have the hand strength to make it effective. Our polyamide surface coating acts like a set of brakes either wet or dry.

Option to include color. From a practical stand point we have introduced color so that you can create a contrast against the wall color so clients can visually locate the bars and seats. Color also gives your design team freedom to create unique and non-institutional environments.

No Oxidation. Every metal, even the finest quality stainless steel will oxidize over time. A once brilliant finish will fade. Our steel core coated surface remains fresh and attractive year after year of service.

Soft and warm. In reality the surface temperature of our coated grab bars is the same as any metallic grab bar. Physics actually plays a trick on the body and your perception of cold and warm. With metallic bars when your hand touches the surface the metal pulls the heat from your body and the perception is cold. Our polyamide surface does not conduct heat so when your hand touches the surface if reflects back the heat from your hand and your body perceived it to be warm.

No electrostatic charge. The furthest thing from your mind when specifying a grab bar or seat could be electrocution. Our 2.5 mm thick coated surface insulates the frame of the grab bar so regardless of how electricity might be introduced, through the wall or from an appliance in the bathroom the charge will not conduct through our safety equipment.

Installation. Ponte Giulio's mounting flange is equipped with an 11-hole design. This is a small detail, but for the installer it gives them the flexibility to choose the mounting holes that are least invasive to the wall and find the wall stud for a secure and safe installation.

Team spirit. Ponte Giuilio is capable of manufacturing any color. Create one-of-a-kind bathrooms for universities, schools or match company colors.

Safety In Place especially likes the passion at Ponte Giulio “to provide products that make using the bathroom safe, but also create a beautiful environment that can be appreciated by all.”

Here are some of our favorite Ponte Giulio Products:

Family Series SS Straight Grab Bar

Ponte Giulio Family Series Straight SS Grab Bar

23 5/8" Family Series rectangular shape, made of AISI polished finish with color accesnts, 330 lbs. load capacity. This stylish grab bar is different than your average grab bar and will leave your home or business looking modern and sleek. 

Straight Safety Support Maxima

Ponte Giulio Maxima Straight Safety Support

ADA Maxima Series straight safety support made of seamless zinc-plated steel pipe, coated with antimicrobial vinyl, superior quality soft and warm with no-slip grip, antimicrobial protection, easy to clean and available in 14 different colors. Load capacity up to 450 lbs. 1 1/4" diameter, biocompatible, recyclable!

Straight safety support 18" Metallic Colored Series ADA 1 1/4"

Ponte Giulio Straight Safety Support Grab Bar Metallic Colored Series

18" ADA Metallic Series straight safety support, painted seamless stainless steel AISI 304, available in 5 colors , Load capacity up to 450 lbs., 1 1/4" diameter

Check out more Ponte Giulio grab bars on our Ponte Giulio products page.


Allie Brito
Allie Brito


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